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UServ Financial Services

The UServ case is a benchmark case study from the Business Rules Forum (2005) [PDF]. Since it has been published, it has been serving as one of the benchmark use cases for number of design tools for business rules from different groups.

From the original description one can learn that UServ Financial Services provides a number of financial products, including: insurance products, as well as banking services. UServ aims at satisfying the complete financial services of its clients. With this focus on complete relationship services, clients are rewarded for their loyalty as they deepen their relationship with UServ by increasing their financial portfolio.

UServ plays a balancing act between rewarding their best clients and managing the risk inherent in providing on-going service to clients whose portfolios are profitable, but violate the eligibility rules of individual products. UServ's business rules are an essential component for managing the risk. The business rules address eligibility, pricing and cancellation policies at both the individual product and portfolio level.

The case study focuses on UServ's vehicle insurance products, but differentiates the basic business rules from those that apply to preferred and elite clients.

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