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EU-Rent is a case provided as a part of SBVR specification.

EU-Rent is a fictional international car rental company. Renters may be individuals or accredited members of corporate customers (a company or similar organization). In each country, EU-Rent offers broadly the same kinds of cars, ranging from “economy” to “premium” although the mix of car models varies between countries. Rental prices also vary from country to country. However, different models of offered cars are organized into groups, and all cars in a group are charged at the same rates within a country.

A car rental is a contract between EU-Rent and a renter, who is responsible for payment for the rental and any other costs associated with the rental (except those covered by insurance). A rental booking specifies: the car group required; the start and end dates/times of the rental; the EU-Rent branch from which the rental is to start.

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