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RDF Editor

RDF Editor is available here:
You can also download it and install on your own server.

Note: It is recommended to use it in Firefox web browser. There are some issues with Google Chrome.


HTML5-based RDF editor and visualisator:

  • RDF/XML import/export.
  • Possibility to manipulate the nodes (text, datatype, placement). Own format RDFT (*.rdft) which saves RDF model along with all elements placement information.
  • Possibility to load RDF/XML, manipulate it (add/remove/modify elements) and then export it to RDF/XML.
  • Possibility to create RDF/XML file by the use of a graphical editor.
  • Visualisation compatible with W3C RDF Validator.
  • Non limited zoom-in and zoom-out.
  • Visibility filters based on URI/literals/ganId (whole, partial).
  • Graph export to PNG and SVG.
  • Size of nodes is automatically adjusted to the text.

How to use?


Elements menu


Element's properties


Parsers and filters


After selecting RDF content option, the text editor appears along with Clear and Build model buttons. One can simply copy-and-paste the RDF model in one of three supported syntaxes:

Successful completion of model building results in the appropriate diagram and the list of triples.

Visibility filters


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