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      Client Segmentation Business Rules
    1. preffered client has portfolio
    2. portfolio includes products
    3. elite client falls within top percent of clients
    4. Automobile Eligibility
      Potential Theft Category
    5. car is convertible
    6. car has high potential theft rating
    7. car has moderate potential theft rating
    8. car has low potential theft rating
    9. car has car price
    10. car has car model
    11. High Theft Probability Auto is list
    12. High Theft Probability Auto is maintained by Risk Management
    13. High Theft Probability Auto is an input to eligibility rating process
    14. car has a potential occupant injury
    15. car model is on High Theft Probability Auto
    16. car price is dollars
    17. car has no airbag
    18. car has driver air bag
    19. car has passenger air bags
    20. car has side panel air bags
    21. car has extremely high potential occupant injury
    22. car has high potential occupant injury
    23. car has moderate potential occupant injury
    24. car has low potential occupant injury
    25. car has not any rollbar
    26. car is eligible
    27. car is not eligible
    28. car is provisionally eligible
    29. Driver Eligibility
    30. driver is male
    31. driver is female
    32. driver is young driver
    33. driver is eligible
    34. driver is senior driver
    35. driver is High Risk Driver
    36. driver age is
    37. driver has training certification
    38. driver has taken driver training from school
    39. driver has taken driver training from licensed training company
    40. driver has taken senior citizen driver refresher course
    41. driver has been convicted of DUI
    42. driver has been involved in accidents
    43. driver has moving violations
    44. Eligibiliy Scoring
    45. eligibility score is
    46. client is eligible for auto insurance
    47. client application must be reviewed by underwriting manager
    48. annual premium must be determined
    49. car base premium is
    50. car premium is increased by
    51. car premium is lowered by
    52. car is compact car
    53. car is sedan
    54. car is luxury car
    55. car is new car
    56. cars model year is the same as current year
    57. cars model year is the same as next year
    58. car is years old
    59. uninsured motorist coverage is included
    60. medical coverage is included
    61. car is equipped with alarm system
    62. Driver Premiums
    63. driver premium is increased by
    64. driver premium is lowered by
    65. driver is single
    66. driver is married
    67. driver is located in CA or NY or VA
    68. driver is typical driver
    69. Market Segment Discounts
    70. client is preffered client
    71. client is elite client

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