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SBVRwiki - business rules in wiki with SBVR

It is an online collaborative solution that allows for distributed and incremental business rules (set of rules definig how does a company works) authoring for business analytics and users. It uses the Dokuwiki back-end for storage and unlimited version control, as well as user authentication. It supports creation of vocabularies, terms and rules in a transparent, user friendly fashion. Furthermore, it provides visualization and evaluation mechanisms for created rules. It is integrated with the Loki knowledge engineering platform that allows for on-the-fly conversion of the SBVR rule base and vocabularies to Prolog.

Business rules in SBVRwiki are written down according to SBVR standard. What is it?


SBVR (Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules) is a standard for capturing expressive business rules, commonly perceived as a useful tool in the communication between business analytics and business people. The set of vocabularies and rules described with the use of SBVR can be an important part of requirements specification from the software engineering methodologies.


  • business rules
  • semantics
  • hierarchical definitions
  • synonims/abbriviations/other languages
  • formal definitions based on concepts from dictionary
  • rules devided into two definitions
    1. behavioral (commitments) - employees' actions
    2. definitional (needs) - resources organisation


SBVR allow users to create complex models of business rules in Structured English.


  • Prefixed Rule Keyword Style
Behavioral (operational)Definitional (structural)
It is obligatory that …It is necessary that …
It is prohibited that …It is impossible that …
It is permitted that …It is possible that …
  • Embedded (mixfix) Rule Keyword Style
Behavioral (operational)Definitional (structural)
… must …… always …
… must not …… never …
… may …… sometimes …


Threre are four types of expressions in SBVR, every one has its different formatting and style (see examples in sections :terms :facst and :rules) :

  • term – noun concepts which should start with a lower case letter and be defined in singular from
  • Name – proper names which are used in dictionary and rules and usually starts with upper case letter
  • verb – verb concepts which has singular form in facts and plural in facts and rules
  • keywords – SBVR notation which are used to construct sentences



Logic of SBVR relies mostly on first-order predicate logic with some limited extensions of higher-order logic and modal logic.

What's next?

If you are interested in SBVRwiki, you can download our plugin, install it and follow our tutorial to make a quickstart with SBVRwiki!

If you do not want to install it, you can see use cases in this demo wiki.

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