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Who is responsible for this?

Loki and related projects are maintained by GEIST Research Group from AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland.

Projects are currently maintained by Krzysztof Kutt, MSc and Grzegorz J. Nalepa, PhD.


  • Concept, design, implementation, supervision: Grzegorz J. Nalepa
  • Prototype implementation of PlWiki 1.0: Michał Kotra
  • Extensions to the system, PlWiki 2.0 / Loki 1.0: Mirosława Ozgowicz
  • Loki bug fixes: Michał Lenart, Beata Giełbaga and Adam Parys
  • SPARQL Endpoint for Loki: Krzysztof Kurzydło
  • Reasoning Unit Tests for Loki: Przemysław Szczepaniak and Krzysztof Wacławik
  • xttviewer plugin: Magdalena Chmielewska and Przemysław Szczęśniak
  • rdfloki plugin: Marcin Biernat and Krzysztof Mirek
  • revisionsrater plugin: Przemysław Kwiatkowski
  • PROV plugin: Piotr Mitana, Przemysław Szczepaniak, Beata Giełbaga and Krzysztof Kutt
  • Implementation of BPWiki: Urszula Ciaputa
  • BPwiki bug fixes, quickstarts, tutorials: Przemysław Kwiatkowski
  • Implementation of SBVRwiki: Marta Woźniak
  • XMI and XML export for SBVRwiki: Jakub Wasielak
  • RDFeditor: Artur Smaroń
  • Use cases: Krzysztof Kaczor
  • Tutorials: Monika Rakoczy and Łukasz Potępa
  • Release Management: Krzysztof Kaczor and Weronika T. Adrian
  • Ideas, testing, support and maintenance: Weronika T. Adrian and Krzysztof Kutt


Projects were supported by the BIMLOQ Project funded from 2010–2012 resources for science as a research project.


If you have any questions/suggestions/requests/proposals regarding Loki/BPwiki/SBVRwiki/other please contact us:

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