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List of Files in SimpleBPMN plugin

  • stype.css - defines visual style for the converter and diagram
  • converter.php - script responsible for SimpleBPMN plugin that converts BPMN XML to SimpleBPMN
  • script.js - script that includes directives for JavaScript and initializes the plugin
  • /action
    • findtemplate.php - finds and loads the right template
    • wysiwyg.php - responsible for registering eventhandlers as well as inserting toolbars button into wiki (converter button and SimpleBPMN Notation)
  • /img - images for all buttons and others
    • bpmn_button.png
    • close-fullscreen.png
    • converter_button.png
    • document-save.png
    • edit-select-all.png
    • import.png
    • loader.gif
    • transfer-left_right.png
    • view-fullscreen.png
    • workflow.png
    • zoom-in.png
    • zoom-normal.png
    • zoom-out.png
  • /js - cantains plugin-specific JavaScript
    • Base.js - responsible for building the prototype, simplifies objects inheritance
    • bpmn.js - parsing and drawing diagram, creating menu for diagram
    • CanvasPlus.js - additional functions for canvas (text wrapping, text height, etc.) enhancing HTML5 Canvas element API
    • converter.js - has all functions of converter - initiation of converter, conversion function, building and formating the result
    • Geometry.js - additional functions needed for drawing (distance between points, checking if point is inside figure, checking the sign of variable, etc.)
    • jquery.caret.1.02.min.js - adds support for easy text fragments section in form fields
    • jquery.mousewheel.js - handling mouse wheel-generated events
    • minify.json.js - minifies blocks of JSON
  • /syntax
    • bpmn.php - handling <bpmn> … </bpmn> tags
    • bpmninc.php - responsible for handling [ [bpmn>…] ] links that combine current page with other pages
  • /templates - SimpleBPMN has two predefined templates of process (or subprocess) and task; they are activated when creating page with task_ (for tasks) or process_ (for process) prefixes.
    • process.txt - template definition for process
    • task.txt - template definition for task

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