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 +{{:​persons:​mv5bmty3nzg5mtmwof5bml5banbnxkftztywmzk2mtq2._v1_sy317_cr27_0_214_317_al_.jpg?​200 |}}
 +With over 150 Film and TV appearances to his credit, E.G. Marshall was arguably most well known as the imperturbable Juror No. 4 in the Sidney Lumet mystery Dwunastu gniewnych ludzi (1957).
 +Some of his stand-out performances are in Show kreatury (1982), W krzywym zwierciadle:​ Witaj, Swiety Mikolaju (1989), and Nixon (1995).
 +Marshall married three times and had seven children.
 +- IMDb Mini Biography By: Matt Lee-Williams
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