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 +Real Madrid Club de Fútbol (Spanish pronunciation:​ [reˈal maˈðɾið ˈkluβ ðe ˈfutβol] Royal Madrid Football Club), commonly known as Real Madrid, is a professional football club based in [[from::​cities:​Madrid]],​ Spain. It was founded in [[founded_in:​=1902]] as Madrid Football Club and has traditionally worn a white home kit since. The word Real is Spanish for royal and was bestowed to the club by King Alfonso XIII in 1920 together with the royal crown in the emblem. The club established itself as a major force in both Spanish and European football during the 1950s.
 +Unlike most European football clubs, Real Madrid'​s members (socios) have owned and operated the club since its inception. The club is the richest football club in terms of annual revenue, generating €438.6 million in 2011[4] and the second most valuable, worth €1.4 billion.[5] Real Madrid holds many long-standing rivalries, most notably El Clásico with FC Barcelona. The team has played its home matches in the 85,​454-capacity [[played_at::​football_stadiums:​Santiago Bernabéu Stadium]] in downtown Madrid since 1947.
 +It is one of three clubs to have never been relegated from the top flight of Spanish football, along with Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona. Domestically,​ Real Madrid has won a record 31 La Liga titles, 18 [[won::​football_cups:​Copa del Rey|Copas del Rey]], 8 [[won::​football_cups:​Supercopa de España|Supercopas de España]], 1 [[won::​football_cups:​Copa Eva Duarte]] and 1 [[won::​football_cups:​Copa de la Liga]].[6] Internationally it has won a record nine [[won::​football_cups:​European Cup]]/​[[won::​football_cups:​UEFA Champions League]] titles and a record three [[won::​football_cups:​Intercontinental Cup|Intercontinental Cups]], as well as two [[won::​football_cups:​UEFA Cup|UEFA Cups]], and one [[won::​football_cups:​UEFA Super Cup]].
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