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 ==== Business Processes (BPMN) ==== ==== Business Processes (BPMN) ====
-FIXME+The second module gives a possibility to manage BPMN processes description within the wiki using the simple BPMN notation. 
 +Try it now: 
 +  - Draw a simple process on a piece of paper. It should consist of about 3-4 blocks (events, activities) and 1-2 gateways. 
 +  - Follow the BPwiki tutorial available at [[docs:​bpwiki-tutorial]] to create your own BPMN process within the Demo wiki. 
 +    * You can also take a look at [[docs:​bpwiki-about#​basic_element_definitions|Basic elements definition]] section of about page to observe some basic blocks and the simpleBPMN code for them.
 ==== Business Rules (SBVR) ==== ==== Business Rules (SBVR) ====
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