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 +====== revisionsrater ======
 +===== Motivation =====
 +revisionsrater plugin is a part of BiFröST Framework responsible for allowing users a simple way for pages evaluation. It lists all revisions of specific wiki page and gives a possibility to rate each of them on 1-5 stars scale.
 +These evaluations can be then further analysed along with other pieces of information available within the Framework.
 +===== How it works? =====
 +revisionsrater is based on two other DokuWiki plugins:
 +  * [[https://​​plugin:​rater|Rater]] -- a module that supports creating polls using [1,5] stars scale or simple up-vote/​down-vote buttons.
 +  * [[https://​​plugin:​changes|Changes]] -- a plugin that generates a list of recent page changes.
 +It lists all revisions (as in Changes plugin)
 +and then for each of them it gives user a possibility to evaluate the revisions
 +and see the current score (as in Rater plugin).
 +Obsolete code and customization possibilities were removed from both plugins
 +to make it as simple as possible.
 +To display a list of revisions of specific page simply put the macro ''​{revisionsrater>​page}''​ within the text of a wiki page. E.g. to list revisions of a page we are currently on, use the macro ''​{revisionsrater>​docs:​revisionsrater}''​
 +===== Give it more power! =====
 +It is advised to use revisionsrater plugin along with the two other plugins to provide robust environment for opinions and discussion:
 +  * [[https://​​plugin:​discussion|Discussion]] -- a plugin that allows discussions grouped in threads. They can be moderated by selected users.
 +  * [[https://​​plugin:​talkpage|Talkpage]] -- a simple plugin that creates a link to ''​talk:​name''​ page for each wiki ''​name''​ page.
 +The workflow is as follows:
 +  - The regular wiki page is created.
 +  - The discussion page can be accessed using the Talkpage option in the page's context menu or using the link created manually (using the macro ''​~~TALKPAGE~~''​) anywhere on the page.
 +  - On the discussion page, the code responsible for generation of voting mechanism and discussion should be specified, e.g. for page ''​docs:​revisionsrater'',​ the discussion page ''​talk:​docs:​revisionsrater''​ is opened.
 +  - There the code for ratings ''​{revisionsrater>​docs:​revisionsrater}''​ and for discussions ''​~~DISCUSSION~~''​ is placed.
 +  - Finally, the discussion page is rendered as below: \\ {{:​docs:​discussion-view.png?​400|}}
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